Predator V Cut Cigar Cutter Spring Loader With Cigar Punch and Rest


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V Cut Cigar Cutter

Who Doesn’t like a little flash? Cigar Star has created an exceptional high quality V cut cigar cutter with built in 8mm cigar punch on the bottom that unscrews.

Did you know that this cutter was also designed to be used as a cigar rest?

The stainless-steel blade with spring-loaded release help you make a clean wedge in your cigars. The ergonomic design also means the cutter will feel good in the hand.

In the mid-point of our price range, it’s an approachable tool for both beginners and expert cigar smokers.  On the bottom of the cutter there is a screw off cigar punch, for times when you would prefer to punch cut your cigar.

Made with heavy-duty surgical steel, this cutter can work on almost any cigar.  Can also cut up to a 60 Ring gauge cigar easily?

The design is straight forward, with a simple two-toned silver design and black design. Excellent ergonomic for one hand use.

Push the button and the spring pop’s open the blade, place your cigar in the rounded area and press down on the blade. Perfect wedge cut.

Increasingly popular, the V-cut cigar creates a wedge or V shape in the tip of ones cigar, fit perfectly inside. Looking for the perfect gift? Look no further than this amazing cutter for your macho cigar enthusiast friends or family. With a 100% lifetime guarantee, this baby will outlast even the heaviest of cigar users.


  • 7 cm Tall
  • 4 cm Width
  • 1 cm Thick
  • Spring loader one hand action
  • Twist off 8mm cigar punch on the bottom
  • Excellent balance and weight


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