2pcs Guillotine, Portable, Stainless Steel Cigar Cutter


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High Quality Materials: The cigar cutter is made of high quality stainless steel blades and environment-friendly ABS frame. The blade is lightweight, not easy to break, high hardness, rust resistant, corrosion resistant and durable. . Neat Cut: The stainless steel blade is sharp and hard, combined with the ABS frame, you can cut cigars effortlessly. The cut cigar happens to be flat and retains its perfect shape. . Perfect Size: The diameter of the hole is 2.5cm (0.9 inch), which is suitable for most cigars. You can quickly cut cigars with a diameter of less than 25mm (0.9 inches). Use your thumb and middle finger to insert them into the two loops of the cigar cutter. Pull and cut cigars easily. ample. . Exquisite Gift: This cigar cutter can be neatly cut, won’t spoil the cigar, clean, fast and smooth. Father’s Day, weddings, birthdays and Christmas are perfect gifts for cigar lovers.


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